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Mimaropaformally known as the Southwestern Tagalog Region[3] is an administrative region in the Philippines. It was also formerly designated as Region IV-B until It is one of two regions in the country having no land border with another region the other being Eastern Visayas. The name is an acronym combination of its constituent provinces : Mi ndoro divided into Occidental Mindoro and Oriental MindoroMa rinduqueRo mblon and Pa lawan. The region was part of the now-defunct Southern Tagalog region until May 17, Calapan is Mimaropa's regional center.

However, Palawan residents criticized the move, citing a lack of consultation, with most residents in Puerto Princesa and nearly all municipalities preferring to stay with Region IV-B. Consequently, Administrative Order No. This order directed the abeyance of Executive Order pending the approval of an implementation plan for the orderly transfer of Palawan from Mimaropa to Region VI.

As of [update]the National Statistical Coordinating Board of the Philippines continued to list Palawan province as part of the Mimaropa region. On July 17,Republic Act No.

region 10 arts

This involved no boundary changes but was in effect merely a renaming and discontinuation of the "Region IV-B" designation. InMimaropa's economy surged by 9. This resulted mainly from the slump in the industry sector, which shrunk by 5. The agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector, which contributed The higher production of ricemaizeother crops, livestock and fishery resulted in the accelerated growth in the total agriculture and fishery sector.

The industry sector, which contributed Its decline of 5.

Region 10 : Cities and Provinces in Northern Mindanao Region X Philippines

Mining and quarrying contributed The positive growth in the electricity and water, construction and manufacturing sub-sectors were not able to compensate to the drop in the mining and quarrying sub-sector. The service sector, on the other hand, posted an accelerated growth of 5.The region comprises five provinces : CaviteLagunaBatangasRizaland Quezonand one highly urbanized cityLucena. The region is the most populous region in the Philippines according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, having over Prior to its creation as a region, Calabarzon, together with Mimaropa and Aurora of Central Luzonformed the historical region known as Southern Tagaloguntil they were separated in by virtue of Executive Order No.

The history of the area known as Calabarzon dates back to early historic times. The name of the region is an acronym of its five component provinces: Ca viteLa gunaBa tangasR izal and Que zon. On June 5,a convention was called on whether or not the province of Manila should annex the province of Morong, which was found to be unable to be self-sufficient as a province.

Eventually, on June 11, Act No.

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The new province comprised 29 municipalities, 17 from Manila and 12 from Morong. Ultimately, Sakay's Tagalog Republic ended in when he and his men were betrayed under the guise of holding a national assembly aimed at the self-determination of the Filipino people. Inthe northern part of Quezon became the sub-province Aurora, named after Quezon's wife. Republic Act No. The region is the 12th largest region in the Philippines, with an area of 16, The region itself is relatively flat, but also consists of coastal areas and highlands.

Each province in the region is composed of different environments, ranging from low coastal areas to rugged mountainous ones.

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Cavite is characterized by rolling hinterlands punctured by hills, with a shoreline bordering Manila Bay and a rugged portion bordering Batangas near Mount Pico de Loro. Mount Sungay is the highest peak in the province and can be found in Tagaytay. There are nine islands in Cavite, most notable of which is the island of Corregidor. Historically a site of great strategic importance, Corregidor is found at the mouth of Manila Bay and is under the jurisdiction of Cavite City.

Laguna has rugged terrain, with narrow plains near the shores of Laguna de Bay and mountainous ranges further inland. Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in the Philippines, and is named after the town of Bay.

Laguna is also home to Mount Makilinga dormant volcano near Los Banos reputed for its mystical properties. There are also a lot of hot springs near the Makiling area, especially in San Pablo.

region 10 arts

Another famous landmark in Laguna are the Pagsanjan Fallsin Cavinti.At St. By Nancy Coleman.

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Here are several to stream after the children go to bed. By Noel Murray. A roundup of streaming theater that covers classics and new shows, endearingly D. By Elisabeth Vincentelli. We certainly could use a laugh. Here are some comedy options that just might put a smile on your face. By Jason Bailey. By Phoebe Lett.Select a School. Mills High School. Regional School District Social and Emotional Health Resources. Region 10 Fine Arts.

Lewis S. Mills High School Music. Mills High School Visual Art. Har-Bur Middle School Music. Lake Garda and Harwinton Consolidated Music. Fine Arts Calendar. Fine Arts Photo Gallery. Mills High School is the educational home for all students in grades The Regional School District 10 Fine Arts Department is a source of pride for both the communities of Harwinton and Burlington because of its many successes.

Our visual art students are consistently the recipients of awards and scholarships as a result of their excellent artwork. Our musical ensembles have consistently earned top honors at local and national festivals, and our students are constantly selected for state and national honors ensembles. Artes, erudio pro vita! A Message From the Coordinator It is my hope that this site gives all our visitors a sense of our program an our educational values.

The main purpose of this site is to provide information to any and all who are interested in the arts programs here in Region 10 and what classes and activities we offer our students. Wether you live in Harwinton or Burlington and are looking into what is available to you or your child as they progress through the district, or you are currently living outside the district and are considering a move into the school district, this is the place to find the information regarding the the arts in Region As is with any website, this is a work in progress, and I appreciate any suggestions you may have as it relates to this site and the Fine Arts Department in Regional School District Enjoy your visit!

John John A. Tweets by R10FineArts. Regional School District 10 24 Lyon Rd.

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Phone Fax Website by SchoolMessenger Presence. All rights reserved.If you visit the town itself, silver markets abound, although you should always use good judgement when it comes to making your purchase as some pieces are of far lower quality than others.

This ensures the producers receive the entirety of the money spent for their laborious and gorgeous work.

Region 10 (Northern Mindanao)

Another key piece of cultural heritage from Oaxaca are the vibrantly hand-painted alebrijes that make for an excellent talking point once you get them back home.

Hand whittled before being carefully decorated, each and every piece is unique and surprisingly lightweight, so take care when transporting it. Wherever you decide to buy, there is literally something for everyone vegans excluded when it comes to this piece of folk art, from elaborately stamped pieces to more understated items. The Huichol people are the brains behind these heavily elaborate pieces of jewellery and art, made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny, brightly coloured beads.


You can find dainty earrings, statement necklaces and subtle bracelets in this Huichol style, as well as larger pieces of art like heavily adorned jaguar sculptures and beaded sugar skulls. Each piece takes hours of concentrated effort to produce, and buying direct from producers means the artists earn all the profit. When it comes to pottery, Oaxaca and Puebla arguably reign supreme in Mexico, alongside Jalisco.

San Bartolo Coyotepec in Oaxaca boasts the highly polished, almost artificial looking black pottery that would add a touch of class to any home, whereas Puebla is easily best known for Talavera tiles.

region 10 arts

These highly regional products can only be made with clay found in Puebla and only use the six naturally occurring colours. Durable, traditional and highly practical, many houses in Mexico come with built in hooks on the wall so you can install your hammock with ease. The beautiful Trees of Life for which the State of Mexico is best known, are arguably one of the more decorative folk arts in our guide, swaying away from the typical categorisation as functional pieces of art.

Even so, no guide to Mexican folk art would be complete without mentioning these elaborately produced and colourfully decorated items. While they once usually depicted biblical stories, you can now find Trees of Life that tell other tales.

region 10 arts

A pre-Columbian art form, it originates in Mayan culture and was first used for documenting daily life or for clothing. However, as time progressed paper craft in Mexico developed into that which we see today — the delicately laser cut banners and strings of bunting banderolas that decorate public buildings and houses across Mexico.

Finally, another perennially practical piece of folk art common in Mexico and popular amongst both locals and tourists is that of hand blown glass. The items this production technique produces are both unique and beautiful, often streaked with vibrant splashes of colour. Select currency. North America Mexico Oaxaca Art. While Oaxaca is the state most associated with typical Mexican folk art, each region offers its own contribution.

Silver jewellery from Taxco, Guerrero. Textiles and Woven Rugs from Oaxaca. Alebrijes from Oaxaca. Huichol beaded products from Jalisco, Durango or Nayarit. Pottery from Oaxaca, Puebla and Jalisco. Tree of Life from the State of Mexico. Paper craft from anywhere in Mexico.

Read Next.The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana is committed to enhancing quality of life and supporting economic development through advocacy and promotion of the arts, arts education and arts organizations in Southwestern Indiana. The Arts Council carries out this mission through fine arts exhibitions, performances, community arts initiatives, and youth arts granting to classrooms and organizations throughout Vanderburgh County.

The organization is the only free, public arts space in the community, and hosts or supports over 70 events, annually.

The Community Foundation Alliance, Inc.

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The Alliance took over the role when the Arts Council was unable to serve in that capacity in According to Jill Carpenter, executive director of the Alliance, the Alliance will work closely with the Arts Council to insure a smooth transition.

Anne McKim, executive director of the Arts Council, says the Community Foundation Alliance will continue to manage the upcoming grant cycle, with the Arts Council transitioning to their new role July 1 of this year. David B. Graham, The Villages, Florida, passed away April 1, Graham was born Feb. He is preceded in death by his wife, Stuart Smith Graham.

He will be interred at St. John Catholic Cemetery in Washington, Indiana. A celebration of life will take p…. Curtis A. Branam passed away unexpectedly on Monday, April 6,at home in Bloomington in his sleep. He retired from G. Donna Saravia, 50, passed away at p. April 6,at Hillside Manor Nursing Home. Donna was born Aug. Donna enjoyed scrapbooking and loved her flowers.

She also enjoyed her time doing arts and craf…. Sign up now to get our FREE breaking news coverage delivered right to your inbox.It comprises five provinces : BukidnonCamiguinMisamis OccidentalMisamis Orientaland Lanao del Norteand two cities classified as highly urbanizedall occupying the north-central part of Mindanao island, and the island-province of Camiguin.

The regional center is Cagayan de Oro. The current name of the region was derived from its position on Mindanao island. The term was officially coined by the Americans after the establishment of American colonial rule in the Philippines due to the defeat of Filipino revolutionaries.

There have been proposals to rename the current Northern Mindanao region, which is dominated by the Cebuano ethnic group, into the Amihanan region. Amihanan literally translates to 'northern area' from the Cebuano language, which is the lingua franca of the region. Another proposed name is Calaminonwhich is a combination of the names of the region's provinces.

Northern Mindanao has a total land area of 2, hectares 5, acres. Its seas abound with fish and other marine products. Rainfall in Northern Mindanao is evenly distributed throughout the year. Its abundant vegetation, natural springs and high elevation contribute to the region's cool, mild and invigorating climate. Northern Mindanao is the 8th most populous region in the Philippines and 2nd in Mindanao after Davao Region according to the Philippine Statistics Authority Census.

The vast majority of the region's inhabitants descended from migrants from Cebu and Bohol. The economy of Northern Mindanao is the largest regional economy in the island of Mindanao. But there is also a booming growth of industries particularly in Cagayan de Oro and in Iligan.

The famous Del Monte Philippines located in the Province of Bukidnon and its processing plant is located in Cagayan de Orowhich shipped to the entire Philippines and Asia-Pacific region.

It has two highly urbanized cities, Cagayan de Oro and Iliganthat are administered independently from any province. The provinces are further subdivided into seven component cities and 84 municipalities, with a total of 2, barangays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Administrative region of the Philippines. Region in Mindanao, Philippines. Retrieved June 20, Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines.

September 19, Retrieved March 29, Region X, known as Northern Mindanao, is hereby reorganized and shall be composed of the following provinces and cities: a. Provinces i. Bukidnon ii.

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