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The following restrictions apply to any Postal Service employee who has authority to take, direct others to take, recommend, or approve any personnel action with respect to any employee, eligible, or applicant. Deceitfully or willfully obstructing or improving the prospects of any person competing for a position by granting a preference or advantage not authorized by law, rule, or regulation including defining the scope or manner of competition or the requirements for a positionor by influencing anyone to withdraw from competition for a position, is prohibited.

Soliciting or considering any recommendation or statement, oral or written, with respect to any individual who requests or is under consideration for any personnel action is prohibited, unless such recommendation or statement is based on the personal knowledge or records of the person furnishing it and consists of:.

Coercion of the political activity of any person including the providing of any political contribution or serviceor the taking of any action as a reprisal for the refusal of any person to engage in such political activity, is prohibited. Taking or failing to take any personnel action as a reprisal for the exercise of any appeal right granted by a law, rule, or regulation is prohibited.

eas 17 usps

No one may take or fail to take a personnel action, or threaten to do so, with respect to any employee or applicant for employment because the employee or applicant discloses information that he or she believes evidences:. Disclosure of information that is specifically prohibited by law does not carry the protection described above.

However, no disclosure under a. There can be no reprisal for disclosures to the Inspector General unless the complaint was made or the information disclosed with the knowledge that it was false or with willful disregard for its truth or falsity. Depending on the status of the employee complaining and the action taken against him or her, complaints that one or more of the restrictions in Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement may file grievances regarding wages, hours, and working conditions in accordance with the provisions of the applicable agreement.

Nonbargaining unit employees at EAS—18 and above may use these procedures to appeal letters of warning and emergency placement in a nonduty status. Non—probationary employees not subject to the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement may appeal removals, reductions in grade or pay, and suspensions or furloughs of 30 days or less under the provisions of Part Letters of warning in lieu of time—off suspensions may be appealed under the provisions contained in Part Allegations of violations of the provisions of that cannot be brought through any other procedure may be sent to the following address:.

Complaints filed with the vice president must be in writing and include as much specific information on the alleged violation as possible. The complaint is referred to the proper official.

The complainant will be informed in writing of the disposition of the complaint.

U.S. Postal Service:

Allegations of reprisal received from Office of Inspector General employees will be referred to an outside organization or individual for investigation. In such instances, the outside organization or individual will act in place of the Office of Inspector General, and the Office of Inspector General will act in place of Postal Service management, regarding the application of the procedures set forth in this section.

The decision on the allegation of whistleblower reprisal of the Step 1 official must be affirmed unless the Administrative Law Judge finds that it is 1 arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law; 2 obtained without procedure required by laws, rule, or regulation having been followed; or 3 unsupported by substantial evidence. When the Administrative Law Judge does not affirm the decision of the Step 1 official, the Administrative Law Judge shall remand the appeal to the Step 1 official for issuance of a new decision on the merits.

No discrimination may be exercised, threatened, or promised by any person or in favor of any employee, eligible, or applicant because of political affiliation except as may be authorized or required by law.

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Individual Status.Handbook EL, Employment and Placement. The goal is to select applicants who best meet the needs of the position. Seminars may be held to provide information to employees interested in becoming supervisors.

The seminars will include information on these topics:. An employee seeking noncompetitive consideration must submit a written request to the selecting official. Selection is solely at the discretion of the selecting official. The employee must submit the eCareer application during the posting open period. The employee will be assessed in accordance with the competitive process, including the requirement to qualify on Examination Selecting officials are responsible for defining the area of consideration.

The minimum area of consideration should consist of all eligible career employees within a district.

eas 17 usps

Geographic area of consideration. Starting and ending times. Nonscheduled days of the vacant position. Employees apply by submitting an application via eCareer, by the date and time specified in the announcement. Selecting officials and review committee members are required to take this course. If there are eleven or more applicants, a review committee is required. If there are ten or fewer applicants, a review committee is not required. Even when a review committee is not required, the selecting official may decide to convene a review committee.

A review committee must have at least three members who are EAS employees at a level equal to or higher than that of the vacant position. It is recommended but not required that the committee include at least one representative from each of the following:. The role of a review committee is to conduct the application reviews, but not the structured interviews. The selecting official is normally the manager with the vacancy.As an organization, the Postal Service maintains a headquarters and a field office structure that comprises seven areas, 67 districts and more than 31, facilities.

The field office management structure includes functional managers who oversee the core areas of finance, human resources, marketing, operations program support, and information systems; and operational managers and supervisors who oversee retail, delivery, and mail processing operations. The Postal Service ranks each district into one of five size categories—Major, Metro, and Levels 1, 2, or 3—with Major being the largest. It also determines the number of support employees in each functional area, which can vary depending on district size.

Workload is defined as the work done by the position and is based on objective data, such as the number of city and rural routes, projected deliveries, and revenue. This data feeds into each model to calculate authorized positions.

Specific defined criteria, such as span of control, related to the ratio of employees to managers and supervisors within a specific function and facility, or it can also include other measures such as plant type. Span of control can vary based on type of work conducted, complexity of the work, and other factors. Our objective was to assess the management structure at the Postal Service, specifically with regards to how the districts are ranked and how operational manager and supervisor positions are allocated at the area, district, and facility levels the field.

As part of our focus on first-line supervisors, this included an assessment of the first-line supervisor organizational structure and span of control at select facilities. We focused on customer service, distribution, maintenance, and transportation operations supervisors located in retail, delivery, and processing facilities. To achieve our objective, we reviewed the processes for ranking the 67 districts and for allocating operational managers and supervisors in the field.

We also assessed the 14 workload models and defined criteria for the operational management positions at seven judgmentally-selected facilities in two districts. The positions included supervisors and managers for customer service, distribution operations, transportation operations, and maintenance operations; postmasters; manager of post office operations; and manager of customer service operations.

This can impact the EAS pay levels of functional managers and the number of support personnel under each function at the district level. It can also impact the appropriate allocation of operational managers and supervisors assigned to each field location. Postal Service districts have not been assessed or re-ranked sincebut the changes proposed at that time were not implemented. Moreover, the Postal Service was unable to explain why changes were not implemented, historical insights on when the districts were last ranked prior toor the process or methodology used.

Each district did have the authorized functional managers; however, management did not provide criteria for the specific number of district-level support personnel—such as retail specialists, financial analysts, and labor relations specialists—required under each functional area. Therefore, we were unable to validate that districts had the correct EAS pay levels or validate the number of support personnel positions for their ranked size.

In Maythe Postal Service proposed a new methodology and updated structure, which is in the review process. The new ranking methodology is based on four equally weighted factors—employee complement, total retail revenue, possible delivery points, and mail volume—as well as other complexity factors that are still being determined.

Based on their current proposed methodology, 43 of 67 districts 64 percent would change category rankings. Using our own analysis, we applied the same four factors—excluding any complexity factors—and determined that 47 of 67 districts 70 percent would change category rankings.

Specifically, the number of districts ranked in each of the five categories would change as follows:. An increase or decrease in category rankings can affect the EAS pay level of functional managers at the district. However, regarding the first-line supervisor workload models at 28 facilities, we identified the Postal Service did not have the correct number of authorized first-line supervisors at 12 processing facilities, thus impacting spans of control.

eas 17 usps

There is not a standardized schedule to ensure workload models and designated criteria for operational managers and supervisors are reassessed regularly. Specifically, 11 of the 14 79 percent workload models and defined criteria for these positions have not been reviewed or updated in over five years.

Since our review, management indicated that they recently conducted assessments of the workload models.NAPS has over 27, members, both active and associate. Code, and who are employed in processing and distribution centers and facilities, including but not limited to, Headquarters, area and district offices; post offices; network distribution centers; and other installation personnel.

Per 39 U. The law is straightforward; there is no division of EAS employees reporting in Title In addition, the benefits of NAPS membership are not limited to representing active members, but our retired associate members, as well.

This is the best adverse action and debt collection representation of any postal management association. Furthermore, our associate members also are entitled to the DDF. This is good news if the USPS makes a post-retirement debt collection claim against an associate member. Most importantly, all members have the same voting rights. Finally, all members are encouraged to visit the NAPS website at www.

To become a stronger, more influential postal management association, NAPS must remain persistent in our efforts to represent all EAS titles during pay talks and at the consultative table. Furthermore, keep your NAPS representation going into postal retirement by becoming an associate member. No law or EAS title can change your right to be part of the NAPS family and be represented as an active or associate member in our association. I must say my August ice-cream-flavor-of-the-month recommendation should be against the law: triple caramel chunk!

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Also, see updates on some mail that may take longer to arrive than normal. Residential Service Alerts. Business Service Alerts. Currently, USPS has temporarily suspended acceptance and delivery of international mail items to several countries. International Service Alerts. Visit our FAQs for more information on how we're handling the effects of this pandemic while ensuring safe mail handling and delivery to all residential and business customers.

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Read More about suspended services. Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links. Sign In. Search USPS.Among other things, our recommendations said management should provide EHS system report training and also implement a control to validate that work-assignment searches are conducted.

Also, USPS should assess the feasibility of implementing an automated or other solution to promote process efficiency and satisfy the special job bank requirement. Have you been through the Limited Duty and Rehabilitation programs? What worked well for you? Are there ways to improve the program?

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Unfortunately once injured on the job, the Post Office has not respect for for the injured employee. The USPS has full knowledge of the high injury risk of the job, yet does not advise anyone of said fact during the hiring process. Once injured on the job in the performance of your job duties, the Post Office tries to find any and every way to hold you accountable, find physicians to substantially down play your injury or find any means deny an on the job injury.

More like 10 hour and working every off day. Working in the dark is the new normal for the postal letter carrier and the stress of it all. My neurosurgeon cleared me at the end of Aprilbut placed a Permanent Sedentary Duty restriction on me.

OWCP released me for work based on my doctor's release, however, I received a letter from my Manager after notifying Management that I could not return to work in my current position due to my work restrictions.

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I received a letter from my Manager at the end of May with the subject Options of Employment and I was given the options of: 1 request to change positions which would meet my physical needs and which I would be able to perform the major functions of the position with or without accommodations, in either bargaining unit craft: 2 voluntarily resign; 3 be involuntarily separated; or apply for disability retirement.

Anyone in the same situation? I am on light duty as of Nov 13, till present. Under the leadership of an interim post master. The office of Workers Compensation has been diligent to work with my recovery, they have provided an Injury Compensation Specialist. But it is sad to say; that is as far as the help has been. In my view the office I work in, has participated only to ignore, put up roadblocks, attempt to sabotage my return back to work. I am not getting know type of information regarding rehabilitation, nor have I experienced any managerial conduct from the postmaster.

After complications, on the 13th of November thereafter; it took 9 days of myself having to get remodified and back to limited duty? The process for me returning to work was done in approximately 4 days. But when the job offer given and when the post master contacting me to return to work, was hindered. The programs that are mention, has not been brought to my attention. Since returning back, I have only been allow to work for 2 hours a day and random casing only? I have been off from work since August Since then the office has rerouted the department I was assigned to.

My own route has been reconfigured; but I have not been allowed to case or do anything concerning my route? Only been casing randomly? Now I will answer your questions. What programs? Work for me? Unless there is an accountable process regarding returning to work, there is no rehabilitation. Not just getting back, but a detail description of expectation for each person rehabilitation, a paper trial for accountability?

The program? Suggestion, want the program to work well?United Postmasters and Managers of America exists to support our membership through communication, education and representation. The United Postmasters and Managers of America online training website dedicated to career, professional and personal development of its members. The effective dates of this expansion begins this coming Saturday, May 23 rd and will be in effect until July 17 th.

The necessary changes have been implemented in TACS and will be available to input hours effective on Saturday. One thing to note is that as the letter states, this only applies if you are supervising craft employees as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak. So, a Postmaster cannot simply get paid extra hours, first and foremost you need to have it approved by your manager and you need to, as I stated, be supervising your craft employees.

Our Mission United Postmasters and Managers of America exists to support our membership through communication, education and representation. Read more. Learn More. Read More. Featured News. View all. Legislative News.

Education Education and information that is important for your job and your future. A lifeline to assist with the many fast-paced changes in the Postal Service. Learn more.

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